Pyramid Club the Movie

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Pyramid Club the Movie

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Thanks for making the benefit a success!

Joshua Fried & Flloyd

Yoshiko Chuma

Barbara Patterson Lloyd


The Whimbrels

John Kelly

Joshua Fried

Photos from June 2nd at Baker Falls
© Marilyn Jackson, Elizabeth Bouiss


Pyramid Club – The Movie transports you to a flourishing nightlife scene in a small dank bar called the Pyramid Cocktail Lounge, affectionately referred to as the Pyramid Club. Located in the gritty, burnt out East Village in 1980s NYC, and under a cloud of drug use, AIDS, and incomprehensible loss, a cadre of drag queens, artists and misfits of all types create a complex artistic phenomenon that continues to transform and inform the face of culture and counter-culture to this day.


“It tasted grey. And we sprinkled glitter and glamour on the grey.”
~Philly Abe

“The Pyramid was really the source club of downtown culture.”
~James Romberger

“It wasn’t a stepping stone. It was ‘Now we’re at The Pyramid’
~Kestutis Nakis

“At the Pyramid, anyone could live whatever dream and reinvent themselves in any way possible.”


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Director Bio

Elizabeth Bouiss, director of Pyramid Club The Movie  is an award winning documentary filmmaker, activist and educator committed to projects that promote social and political awareness, justice and action. A rich personal and family history of activism led her to documentary filmmaking. She uses video and film as a vehicle for expression, outreach, education and change. She earned her BFA in Film and Television Production and MA in Educational Technology from New York University.  Her many film credits include producing, directing and editing.